even in Arcadia

i am a thread the weaver of fate misplaced



Anything with depth has darkness
I just want(ed) to be loved
I continue to place myself in all my friends
I grow my hair out just to cut it short
Analyzing things - giving meaning to things, makes them meaningless ?

Xena, Xena,
Path alignment corrupted-
Are humans meant to be variables?
Neither black or white
A grey stained with blood
I have a body with organs in it
There's a flower field inside my head

A blank slate grew up struggling
to not mimic another canvas
Relate to me
Relate to me
I change myself to relate to you
Filling myself up with my friends
Is this for the best?

Xena, Xena,
You ( I ) started as a dreamless sleep
Now I (You) (We) are the world alive.


You were prepared for a world that doesn't exist
so don't worry about the mask they made for you-
- your real face will be just fine.
This is the only life that counts.

They didn't tell you
that saving a life is a continous process
not a one time act.

Long ago, a deus ex machina saved us from the empty darkness
and ever since we've lived in a world without any more miracles.

Our gods died and lay cold on the concrete -
yours just so happened to get tangled up in wires -
so it's no surprise karma faded out of existence.

It's okay to split into your own meanings and worlds,
that's what we've been doing since inception.

The world that doesn't exist? You can create it.
Your real face can be whatever you want it to be.
This is the only life that counts.