even in Arcadia

not all of me will die ▲

welcome to arcadia

Arcadia is a megacity in the future, enclosed by something too horrible to face.
Arcadia is home to the innovative NEON COFFINs and EVANGELOIDs.
Powered by a newly discovered and divine resource, these have given new meaning to life and death.


3/29/2021: FAVICON added. WEBSITE BUTTON created. ELLION page added. VIDEOS page in progress. CHILDHOOD page in progress. Style changes.

3/23/2021: SITE INDEX added. KIMERA page in progress.

3/22/2021: UPDATE LOG added. ABOUT page added. NAV BAR added.

3/21/2021: SITE LAUNCHED. "WHAT IS A NEON COFFIN?" and "XENA" pages added.

[this is just one instance of Arcadia that is being built]
[i hope to one day create Arcadia in both music and written form]
[i really like neocities. many of you have amazing websites. i hope to stick around and be updating for awhile.]